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<br /> Harlan: How do you<br /> compare? Page 8<br /> August 2018<br /> beefmagazine.com<br /> Full circle:<br /> Cattle ID and<br /> traceability<br /> Inside:<br /> Trade issues shape future PAGE 6<br /> Vet's Opinion PAGE 18<br /> Burke: Recommendations,<br /> Part 2 PAGE 22<br /> A SMARTER TheWhisperVeterinaryStethoscopeisasimple<br /> electronic tool that enables you to accurately diagnose<br /> WAY TO LISTEN BovineRespiratoryDisease(BRD)accordingtoaclearly<br /> defined five point scale.<br /> Diagnose and treat BRD This helps you make treatment decisions for individual<br /> more effectively animals more effectively, improving the overall health<br /> and productivity of feedlot cattle.<br /> To find out how Whisper can reduce the impact of<br /> BRD on<a title="August 2018 page 1" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=1"> Harlan: How do you compare? Page 8 August 2018 </a> <a title="August 2018 page 2" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=2"> A SMARTER TheWhisperVeterinaryStethosco</a> <a title="August 2018 page 3" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=3"> Vol. 54, No.12 August 2018 </a> <a title="August 2018 page 4" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=4"> Editor's Roundup Breaching the</a> <a title="August 2018 page 5" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=5"> National Stocker Award Recognizing the Best of t</a> <a title="August 2018 page 6" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=6"> Cattle Economics     Trade issu</a> <a title="August 2018 page 7" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=7"> 6 REASONS WHY IS THE SMART </a> <a title="August 2018 page 8" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=8"> Advertisement 150 mg/mL ANTIMICROBIAL NA</a> <a title="August 2018 page 9" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=9"> Figure 1. Gross income per cow 7-year avg. 20</a> <a title="August 2018 page 10" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=10"> Probably more important is that calf prices t</a> <a title="August 2018 page 11" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=11"> over direct costs per cow (see Figure 5 on Page 9</a> <a title="August 2018 page 12" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=12"> 12 beefmagazine.com Month 2018</a> <a title="August 2018 page 13" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=13"> SEND PARASITES TO MEET THEIR MAKER. Eprinex® (ep</a> <a title="August 2018 page 14" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=14"> Cattle Management Full circle: Cattle ID and trac</a> <a title="August 2018 page 15" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=15"> Unless otherwise exempted, ADT requires that l</a> <a title="August 2018 page 16" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=16"> Cattle Management Identification Plan (USAIP).</a> <a title="August 2018 page 17" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=17"> mum initial recommendation of elec- tronic tags f</a> <a title="August 2018 page 18" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=18"> Vet's Opinion Adventure at t</a> <a title="August 2018 page 19" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=19"> The World's Largest Totally Irrigated Working Far</a> <a title="August 2018 page 20" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=20"> Advertise in BEEF's Sale Ring for DYNAMIC RESULTS</a> <a title="August 2018 page 21" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=21"> beefmagazine.com KEEP YOUR FARM COVERED WITH A </a> <a title="August 2018 page 22" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=22"> Strategic Planning Recommen</a> <a title="August 2018 page 23" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=23"> </a> <a title="August 2018 page 24" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/d949a3bc?page=24"> It's all in the numbers. </a>