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<br /> automotive paintshop solutions Å from<br /> A perfect finish<br /> New technology pushes quality to the limits<br /> OEM focus Technology Technology<br /> Honda delivers a A new way to Quality control<br /> super surface for metallise plastics heads toward<br /> the NSX in Ohio brings benefits more automation<br /> automotivemanufacturingsolutions.com<br /> Enhance productivity. Efficient and<br /> high quality car body painting.<br /> Throughout the automotive sector ABB's extensive portfolio of drives, motors, PLCs<br /> and robots provides the perfect combination to enhance productivity levels, while<br /> economically using energy. Whatever t<a title="APS Sept 2016 page 1" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=1"> automotive paintshop solutions Å from </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 2" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=2"> Enhance productivity. Efficient and high quality </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 3" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=3"> Editor's note automotive paintshop solutions</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 4" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=4"> CONTENTS News OEM focus 06 Upcoming paintshop</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 5" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=5"> automotive paintshop solutions Å from </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 6" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=6"> News Upcoming paintshops Audi modernises Ingo</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 7" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=7"> Eisenmann supports Tesla's expansion at Fremont </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 8" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=8"> News Upcoming paintshops Mazda rolls out wate</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 9" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=9"> Dürr's engineering excellence and extensive produ</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 10" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=10"> Overview Exterior coatings Up to scratch As a</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 11" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=11"> to protect the system from damaging wavelengths o</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 12" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=12"> Overview Exterior coatings traditional zin</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 13" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=13"> We create chemistry that makes lines love curves.</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 14" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=14"> OEM focus Axalta Coating Systems Klemens Bartmann</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 15" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=15"> Axalta Coating Systems Klemens Bartmann OEM focus</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 16" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=16"> OEM focus Honda Marysville Achieving Acura-cy </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 17" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=17"> can be aluminium or CFRP, depending on the custom</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 18" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=18"> OEM focus Audi San José Chiapa Primed for premiu</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 19" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=19"> the air will save 80% on systems which filter fre</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 20" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=20"> OEM focus FCA US Windsor Pacifica progress W</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 21" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=21"> Pacifica paint process in order to provide extra </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 22" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=22"> Technology Interior coatings The interior view </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 23" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=23"> In parallel with the rising popularity of UV </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 24" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=24"> Technology Embedded PVD Taking a shine to plasti</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 25" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=25"> partnership with UK company Fujichem Sonneborn, w</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 26" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=26"> Technology Quality control Seeing the light Wit</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 27" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=27"> While the core technology of the AIS has rem</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 28" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=28"> Technology Quality control CONTROLLING HUMID</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 29" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=29"> Experts in Finishing & Dispensing Solutions </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 30" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=30"> Technology Robotics Power to the machines While</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 31" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=31"> One challenge for automotive manufacturers re</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 32" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=32"> Technology Robotics Those companies involved </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 33" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=33"> The Electric Pump that will help you save money </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 34" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=34"> ATS2017 automotive tier supplier Å from ams </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 35" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=35"> Energy management software Technology Vital s</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 36" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=36"> Technology Energy management software </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 37" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=37"> data management as a managed service. Through thi</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 38" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=38"> Show review PaintExpo 2016 Mixing together At</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 39" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=39"> PaintExpo 2016 Show review EXHIBITORS WITH AN </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 40" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=40"> Geico Taikisha Brilliant simplicity Geico T</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 41" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=41"> The latter can handle higher production num</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 42" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=42"> ABB Choices for China 42 BAIC Zeng</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 43" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=43"> ABB SOUTH KOREA AND THE 60% SAVING CHALLENGE S</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 44" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=44"> BASF Special colour spectrum Experts from</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 45" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=45"> ESTA application. The material is used both in th</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 46" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=46"> Dürr Multistory makeover An international t</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 47" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=47"> team skills. This was essential not only for sele</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 48" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=48"> Kremlin Rexson Sames The call of customising </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 49" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=49"> Kremlin Rexson Sames compulsory. The paintsho</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 50" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=50"> Eisenmann Skid-free flexibility With the en</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 51" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=51"> will enable their manufacturing facilities to ove</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 52" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=52"> Graco A utomotive companies are increasing</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 53" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=53"> ability to adjust the pressure and flow rate thou</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 54" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=54"> Sprimag Brake cover UV coating technology offers </a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 55" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=55"> FACTORY PLANNING BODY SHOP CONVEYORS AND FINAL AS</a> <a title="APS Sept 2016 page 56" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/c16d82b8?page=56"> </a>