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<br /> The official publication of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement<br /> www.govpro.com FEBRUARY/MARCH 2017<br /> Sustainable<br /> Procurement's<br /> Evolution<br /> Sustainability goals are growing<br /> to meet today's demands<br /> PLUS:<br /> eProcurement solves<br /> multiple problems<br /> Hiring an energy advisor<br /> Avoiding garbage in,<br /> garbage out data analysis<br /> San Diego County's<br /> customer-focused<br /> realignment<br /> See this and other<br /> Fit-to-Task Vehicles at<br /> The NFMT Conference & Expo<br /> March 7-9, 2017<br /> Baltimore, MD<br /> BOOTH<br /> NO2309<br /> All vehicles in the series come equipped with a package of accessories that speed a particular application. The series<br /> includes this Carryall 500® Facilities/Engineering Vehicle that lets your crews move from job to job with::<br /> ·Dual steel side-access locking tool ·Front<a title="February/March 2017 page 1" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=1"> The official publication of NIGP: The Institute f</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 2" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=2"> See this and other Fit-to-Task V</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 3" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=3"> IN DEPTH 16 Sustainable Procurement’s Evoluti</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 4" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=4"> PERSPECTIVES [performance] </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 5" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=5"> Defning CHOICE Choice: noun \ an abundance</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 6" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=6"> HOTTOPICS [technology] TACKLE YOUR TOP 10 PROCU</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 7" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=7"> A whole feet of ways to make short work of anythi</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 8" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=8"> HOTTOPICS [technology] greater ROI when they </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 9" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=9"> The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Exper</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 10" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=10"> HOTTOPICS [technology] for more value-driven </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 11" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=11"> TRUST US FOR THE SOLUTIONS YOU NEED We make</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 12" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=12"> HOTTOPICS [energy] THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO HIRIN</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 13" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=13"> saying that, if you are going to sell a product, </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 14" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=14"> HOTTOPICS [analytics] GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 15" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=15"> Because if everyone uses common taxonomies, it ma</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 16" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=16"> HOTTOPICS [seeing excellence] FOCUS ON CHANGE: </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 17" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=17"> way of organizing procurement ofces: requisitions</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 18" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=18"> IN DEPTH [green] Sustainable Procurement's Evolu</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 19" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=19"> S ustainability is</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 20" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=20"> IN DEPTH [green] </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 21" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=21"> VARIDESK makes it simple to turn your existing of</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 22" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=22"> IN DEPTH [green] Massachusetts Operational Se</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 23" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=23"> Sustainability Resources Tere’s no shortage of </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 24" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=24"> PEOPLE [meet the pros] > UPPCC new certifcation</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 25" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=25"> Ronald Neely, CPPB El Paso County Colorado Spring</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 26" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=26"> BACK PAGE [darin matthews] Get rid of it! A fe</a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 27" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=27"> </a> <a title="February/March 2017 page 28" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/a8f2fdef?page=28"> MEAN ON THE STREETS. GENTLE ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE. </a>