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<br /> tastefullysimple.com<br /> spring-summer 2024<br /> isty Gr<br /> a<br /> h<br /> w<br /> T<br /> a<br /> m<br /> ®<br /> &<br /> s<br /> x<br /> i<br /> M<br /> p<br /> g<br /> .<br /> l<br /> l<br /> 3<br /> a<br /> 2<br /> B<br /> e<br /> s<br /> e<br /> e<br /> h<br /> C<br /> ™<br /> t<br /> s<br /> a<br /> l<br /> 95% of our<br /> products require<br /> two store -bought<br /> ingredients<br /> or less<br /> B<br /> y<br /> r<br /> r<br /> e<br /> B<br /> Welcome to sunny times!<br /> Is casual your vibe? It is for me – and that is exactly why I’m<br /> digging this relaxed, go-with-the-flow catalog. I love hanging out<br /> with friends and making memories – which, of course, revolves<br /> around awesome food and bevvies. (Can I hear an “Amen!” for<br /> our Watermelon Lime Margaritas?) I’m willing to bet you’ll<br /> have a ton of fun in the sun with:<br /> •<a title="SS24 Catalog page 1" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=1"> tastefullysimple.com spring-summer 2024</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 2" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=2"> isty Gr a h w T a m ® & s x i M p g </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 3" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=3"> fi c itr a : m i a o f e a v ll is fre</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 4" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=4"> li ip D c r a G c i l r a </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 5" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=5"> A b s o l u t e l y A l m o n d i T r </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 6" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=6"> bountiful beer bread mix </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 7" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=7"> Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix Just add water </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 8" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=8"> TS Shake & Pour* Creamy dressings and vinaigrette</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 9" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=9"> pepper it! Grilled Lemo n Pep pe r Ch ck en i</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 10" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=10"> Fiesta Party Seasoning™ Bring the heat with a tou</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 11" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=11"> Eat the Rainbow Veggie Kabobs Ultimate Steak™ Se</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 12" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=12"> 12 BUY 9, GET 1 FREE Seasonings Assort</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 13" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=13"> no chopping, no tears so many uses best seli</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 14" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=14"> il i it no artific a ngred en s Classic Ranch</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 15" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=15"> Spinach & Herb Dip ½ cup mayonnaise ½ cup sour cr</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 16" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=16"> pasta night e c u a S a r a n i r a M a i M a</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 17" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=17"> taco time ' it ti s lapeño sli</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 18" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=18"> Ear mo Sig Be a VIP! Be n points for ever</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 19" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=19"> burger night e U U lt lt e t ma m i e t </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 20" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=20"> Autoship Keep your faves on hand!  Never run ou</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 21" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=21"> 2023 innovation PRODUCT WINNER dips to dinner C</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 22" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=22"> MILD HEAT Sweet Pepper Jalapeño Jam Distinctive,</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 23" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=23"> partyapps Pop Open a Par</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 24" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=24"> Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce Hearty, thick and smokin’ g</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 25" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=25"> it up sauce n ke c S t t il hi C</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 26" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=26"> ONE Pan Bacon Wrapped Chicken Mix NEW! Stuff chic</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 27" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=27"> wonders one pan Find recipes and revie</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 28" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=28"> gr ery oc getters Insulator* Transform yo</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 29" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=29"> Garlicky Steak Salad with Garlic Garlic Vinaigret</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 30" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=30"> EZER M E R E F A - L E Z W E E </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 31" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=31"> & F R E E A K A M ES 8 D U L </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 32" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=32"> Berry Blast™ Cheese Ball Mix NEW! This sweet chee</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 33" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=33"> dreamy so Cocktails & Convos COMBO Orange Dre</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 34" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=34"> Sunny Lemon™ Pound Cake & Icing Mix Lusciously li</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 35" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=35"> Classy Chocolate Pound Cake Mix A slice of chocol</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 36" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=36"> Nana’s Apple Cake Mix® All the made-from-scratch </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 37" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=37"> sip in style a. b. Can Coolers* Keep your cans c</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 38" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=38"> holds t o drink buckets! w Cool Tote</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 39" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=39"> AND GO! Cozy Comfort Give the gift of dinner to n</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 40" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=40"> GREAT giftables Dynamic Duo* </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 41" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=41"> free products? yes, please! Party FREE </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 42" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=42"> CREATE YOUR OWN RECIPE FOR “ FLAVOR, CASH AND </a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 43" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=43"> NEW every month! See special offers. Scan for det</a> <a title="SS24 Catalog page 44" href="https://secure.viewer.zmags.com/publication/21085162?page=44"> EASY RECIPES blog tastefullysimple.com | 866.448</a>